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Seeing Through Fluttered Lashes

The moment that something dawns on you, is it absolutely true?

You pause, a good long pause, a heart-stopping pause and then you furrow your brows together and in that place of togetherness you meet your reality. “It’s real,” you say. “It’s truly the dawning of a new day.”

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A Chapbook of

Poetry, Prose, and Other Pensive Thoughts

There are times when events happen in our lives of which we have no control. We may need more than just a little bit of help, seeking support with someone who will lend a hand to take the journey with us without judgment. Delving deeper will encourage us to look to ourselves for the power to stand strong.

There are times when a tangible creation arises from our struggles, and this book is that. The words that made it to the page attest to the strength I glean from self-expression. New insights are brought forward in my thoughts and the understanding of said thoughts. This is a healing journey, one which I count invaluable. I hope that you, too, come along and forge your own journey.


This little book was a vulnerable, authentic medium that dispatched me on a journey to Another’s search for the deeper meaning of what is happening to us as we seek meaning, healing, intellectual and emotional clarity. We are encouraged to traverse the existential yet everyday emotional pains and/or joys of our human experience.

I encourage you to read this book, put it where you can find it again, to remind you that you are not alone with your quest to love yourself, as it is an ongoing journey.

— Phillip Reuter, Ph.D.