audrey penny cimo author closing my minds eye tightly

About the Author

Audrey Penny Cimo

Being a child of music and words, I find myself here, flicking my fingers in the water, writing. Making up stories, keeping journals, jotting down thoughts on bits of paper, immersing myself in lesson planning, and here I am, a self published author.

Growing up in Southern California, I experienced a childhood worth repeating. I am one sibling of six of the best people, and it is my testimony that our loving and intuitive parents lived their lives inspiring each of us to embrace others and consider challenging thoughts and ideas.

Believing I could absolutely do anything I set my mind to, I chose teaching as a profession, as I view learning as a reciprocal process. This teacher became a lifetime learner, valuing every experience as an opportunity to grow. Opening my heart and mind is a worthy pursuit.

My pen was and is poised to express that which occupies my mind. I realize, too, the printed value of our words and set out on this road. As I am struck by the journey thus far, I am glad you are here. Thanks for joining me. My hope is that we all keep our wits together and work it out on paper.


I find a great deal of encouragement within the pages of this collection of poetry. Recognizing that uncertainty exists, it’s good to remember I can glean the support I need to meet life’s challenges from day to day. One of my favorite poems in Closing My Mind’s Eye Tightly happens to be “Move the mountain? I’d rather move up that mountain.” This author’s authenticity moves and inspires me to undertake my own journey of introspection.

— Neil Robert