This little book was a vulnerable, authentic medium that dispatched me on a journey to Another’s search for the deeper meaning of what is happening to us as we seek meaning, healing, intellectual and emotional clarity. We are encouraged to traverse the existential yet everyday emotional pains and/or joys of our human experience.

I encourage you to read this book, put it where you can find it again, to remind you that you are not alone with your quest to love yourself, as it is an ongoing journey.

— Phillip Reuter, Ph.D.

Who would have thought that I would have been this transformed by a book of poetry and prose except to say that it was filled with beauty and genuine self-honesty and a desire for open-mindedness around very difficult life struggles, while at the same time providing a deliberate and encouraging path toward replacing engrained fears with hope and self-belief?

I was touched by the Author’s music in words that allowed her thoughts to penetrate my heart, evoking an array of emotions within me, and adding a new perspective to my life.

— L. Morris

I find a great deal of encouragement within the pages of this collection of poetry. Recognizing that uncertainty exists, it’s good to remember I can glean the support I need to meet life’s challenges from day to day. One of my favorite poems in Closing My Mind’s Eye Tightly happens to be “Move the mountain? I’d rather move up that mountain.” This author’s authenticity moves and inspires me to undertake my own journey of introspection.

— Neil Robert